The highest perfomers in the world acheive great success through coaching and training.  If you are ready to reach your next level, dive in.  Whether you need confidence, a source of strength to move you through the hard times, to know what your purpose is and how to unleash it, or to resolve relationship problems at work or at's all waiting for you here.

Are you tired of the school of hard knocks?  Of second guessing yourself, working hard and not getting what you want?  You can tap into the 96% of your potential that scientists say most people never touch in order to succeed in your most challenging times.  You'll know what to do, and you'll have the confidence, strength and focus to follow through.  Its all waiting in your Personal GPS, "God's Positioning System"- your true north, the part in you that accesses true wisdom.

You have a purpose, something you are destined to contribute to the world that no one else can.  When you unleash your purpose in your work, life begins to soar.  You love what you do as you share your greatest gifts and people love working with you. You can become the leader you were meant to be, leaving a legacy that makes you proud by tapping into your Career DNA. 

Unshakeable Confidence 

How would your life change if you could step out of stress and into peace when it is nowhere to be found? What if you could train in the magnificent power of rock solid confidence, knowing how to command your emotions? This is when everything changes.  When you are in command of your emotions you can rise above all circumstances using your best qualities.

Does your relationship feel lonely even though you love each other?  Men are a different animal.  You can learn the exact steps to get the communication, attention and passion you long for from him.  If you don't know these secrets you could be damaging your relationship and not even know it.

Are you tired of trying and trying to make her happy?  Most men don't understand women...or what it takes to really make them happy.  What if you could learn exactly what works with your woman- in one day?  So you could easily create the passion, respect and firey connection you deserve.  You already have everything she needs, everything she's looking for; learn the secrets that create the breakthrough you both want. 

Most couples who fall in love expect their love to last but less than half of couples make it.  It's not luck that makes it work...its the wisdom of knowing exactly what your partner needs from you to feel loved and exactly how they will recieve that from you.  You can have a legendary love that lasts...and grows more passionate as the years roll by.

You start out madly in love and somehow end up just mad, angry, lonely, discouraged, frustrated or even heartbroken. Why do relationships have to be so hard? In How to Win Her & Influence Him, Genie Goodwin unveils the most common reasons relationships can be so difficult and the miraculous strategies that can easily melt your troubles away.

"Success is Doing What You Were Created to Do &
Creating Magnificent Relationships Along the Way..."

What People Are Saying...

“Genie Goodwin is a relationship master.  Her wisdom is undeniable and her passion unstoppable.  She has transformed my understanding of relationships and she can do the same for you.”

Bill Dolan | SPIRIT MEDIA, President

  “When it comes to teaching women how to communicate with men and men how to really communicate with women, Genie is absolutely brilliant! She is not just a "relationship guru" she is a "Relationship Genius."


 “Genie Goodwin brings both worldly and Godly inspiration into every encounter.  She couples decades of experience with individual insights to unpack complicated life issues. Her coaching and counsel has enriched my life, impacting my relationships, my leadership and my company. ”

Allan Schrader | LIGHTSPEED AVIATION, President & Founder

 “Genie's coaching has transformed my life both at work and at home. Because of what I've learned I'm a better boss, a better colleague, a better partner, a better friend, a better person.”

Deanna Maio | DELEGATED TO DONE, President & Founder

"Genie Goodwin is amazing. After 31 years of conflict, where ALL counselors recommended divorce, I attended a Breakthrough Day with Genie. I used the skills I learned to renew my marriage in one weekend! Genie helped us BOTH feel and enjoy the love again. She helped us bring the joy, fun and friendship back to our marriage!"

Patricia Bansen | OHSU Nurse

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