Lonely, frustrated, hopeless, tried it all?          You can Get the Love You Want   

Does it feel like no matter what you try, nothing works or the more you try the worse it gets?

You fight way more than you enjoy each other.  He ignores you, when you talk to him and it hurts- yet you still love each other. Do you have to just put up with it or should you walk away?

Why do relationships have to be so hard?  Even when you love each other!  That just didn't make sense to me so I made it my mission to find out not only how to make relationships work, but how to make them fun and passionate again; even when it feels burnt out and hopeless.  

I was desperate to know-- can you fix broken relationships?  I mean really broken relationships...like when one of us has had an affair, or wants to leave?

This has been my obsession for the last three decades.  After years of study, the answer is YES, you can.  

After years of helping men and women get the love they want I’ve discovered something: men really are a different animal than women, that’s why it seems like nothing you do works with him. If you are having challenges, you just haven’t presented what he needs in a way that he can receive it from you. I can show you what really works.

It's time for a Revolution!

In your Women’s Relationship Revolution home learning program you’ll learn:

  • What to do when you don't feel loved or loving to blow past that and reconnect.
  • How to get the attention from him you long for.
  • How to get him to talk to you AND listen to you.
  • How to melt away anger, resentment and hurt feelings.
  • How to bring the fun back so you can enjoy each other once again.
  • What to do to repair ANY damage that has held you apart.
  • How to get him to want you again...and so much more!

Ready to finally get the love you want? 

Get started now!

In the comfort of your own home I'll show you the exact steps you can easily take to create the communication, attention, and passion  you long for from your man. I’ve taught many women the secrets to get the love they want in their relationship and it doesn't matter what you are going through or how long its been going on.

I’ve been helping people with their relationships and their marriages for over two decades. I love helping women reconnect with their man.  (And he doesn't even have to be there!)

I guarantee you, if you don’t know what these secrets are – you are doing great damage to your relationship and you don’t even know it. I’ve been there. I learned all of this the hard way and it took me years to learn these secrets. You won’t have to take years to figure this out on your own.  I’ll show you the exact steps you can easily take to inject the attention, fun and passion back into your relationship. 

You CAN connect with your man no matter what you’ve been through. Learn what grabs his heart and his attention... he will pay attention to you, desire you and only you, want to spend time with you and rekindle the love that brought you together in the first place.

It's time for your breakthrough. Get started now! 


                                                                                                      Click here: 

"Success is Doing What You Were Created to Do &
Creating Magnificent Relationships Along the Way..."

What People Are Saying...

“Genie Goodwin is a relationship master.  Her wisdom is undeniable and her passion unstoppable.  She has transformed my understanding of relationships and she can do the same for you.”

Bill Dolan | SPIRIT MEDIA, President

"Genie Goodwin is amazing. After 31 years of conflict, where ALL counselors recommended divorce, I attended a Breakthrough Day with Genie. I used the skills I learned to renew my marriage in one weekend! Genie helped us BOTH feel and enjoy the love again. She helped us bring the joy, fun and friendship back to our marriage!"

Patricia Bansen | OHSU, Nurse

 “Genie Goodwin brings decades of experience and powerful insights to sorting out complicated relational issues.  She was instrumental in helping me transfrom my leadership skills. ”

Allan Schrader | LIGHTSPEED AVIATION, President & Founder

 “Genie's coaching has transformed my life both at work and at home. Because of what I've learned I'm a better boss, a better colleague, a better partner, a better friend, a better person.”

Deanna Maio | DELEGATED TO DONE, President & Founder

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