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Effective, Powerful & Passionate Relationships that Fuel Successful Teams, Fulfilling Lives 

It's time for YOU to make the difference only you can make. Step into your highest levels of performance and fulfillment.

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Why Do Relationships Have to Be So Hard?

You start out madly in love and somehow end up just mad, or angry, lonely,  discouraged, frustrated or even heartbroken. Unfortunately, it's normal! But so few people know how to navigate relationships.

In How to Win Her & Influence Him, Genie Goodwin unveils the most common reasons relationships can be so difficult and the miraculous, easy strategies that can melt your troubles away.  There's even a chapter for making relationships at work- work!

No one achieves the highest levels of success by themselves. The greatest in the world got there through training & coaching.  Are you ready for your next level of greatness?


Get free training videos, with powerful strategies, and simple, practical steps that can make an immediate difference in your life. 

Can you change your life in one day?  Absolutely.  Join us for one of our life-changing events designed to skyrocket you into success.

"Success is Doing What You Were Created to Do &
Creating Magnificent Relationships Along the Way..."

What People Are Saying...

“Genie Goodwin is a master communicator at unveiling clear, practical, actionable strategies that will help you create deeper, richer, more fulfilling relationships that fuel genuine success.  Her wisdom and understanding is in helping people and organizations build relationshps that can outlast any challenges that come their way.  ”

Ford Taylor | The FSH Group, Transformational Leadership Founder

“Genie Goodwin is a relationship master.  Her wisdom is undeniable and her passion unstoppable.  She has transformed my understanding of relationships and she can do the same for you.”

Bill Dolan | SPIRIT MEDIA, President

 “When it comes to teaching women how to communicate with men and men how to really communicate with women, Genie is absolutely brilliant! She is not just a "relationship guru" she is a "Relationship Genius."


 “Genie Goodwin brings both worldly and Godly inspiration into every encounter.  She couples decades of experience with individual insights to unpack complicated life issues.  Her coaching and counsel has enriched my life, impacting my relationships, my leadership, and my company. ”

Allan Schrader | LIGHTSPEED AVIATION, President & Founder

 “Genie's coaching has transformed my life both at work and at home. Because of what I've learned I'm a better boss, a better colleague, a better partner, a better friend, a better person.”

Deanna Maio | DELEGATED TO DONE, President & Founder

"Genie Goodwin is amazing. After 31 years of conflict, where ALL counselors recommended divorce, I attended a Breakthrough Day with Genie. I used the skills I learned to renew my marriage in one weekend! Genie helped us BOTH feel and enjoy the love again. She helped us bring the joy, fun and friendship back to our marriage!"

Patricia Bansen | OHSU Nurse

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